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Cupping Notes: Caramel with hints of Black Cherry

The Santa Barbara Estate is located in the southwest section of the Deptartment of Antioquia. Don Pedro Echavarria established the Santa Barbara Estate almost three decades with thw vision of producing and offering to the world a superior quality Colombian coffee. This Vision is oriudly shared by all in the Santa Barbara Estate family.The Santa Barbara Estate is one of the few completly integrated coffee farms in Colombia, which ensures traceability and close quality control from the cherry on the tree until the moment the coffee arrives at the roastery. A combination of factorssuch as climate, altitude,constant care, renovation of trees and good volcanic soil provide the basis for excelent coffee production.

Varietal, Castillo

Grown at 5280 feet and fully washed.

Excelso refers to the size of the bean. The Excelso and Supremo both come from the same coffee tree, but are categorized by size, 17 screen and up = supremo, lower screens = excelso. My personal thought is that it is every bit as good as the Supremo.

Nice hard bean with balanced body and a slight fuity taste. Takes an espresso or French roast very well. Great for espressos.

100% Arabica